Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Best Friend & her Four-legged Best Friend

My best friend Carrie is my biggest fan, my soul sister, my voice of reason, my honest critic, my earthly muse -- and, she always says it right (when most people haven't a clue). I didn't have to ponder long on what would be my gift for her this past Christmas. It appeared in my mind's eyes as naturally and effortless as the sun rises each dawn.

Like me, Carrie is an animal-lover and she adores her Mikey with every fiber of her being -- for him she is sensitive, sweet, silly and selfless. I get it, I totally get it. So, as I sat before a bare and naked canvas I had only one notion running through my brain and through my veins -- love! And so became the portrait of Carrie & Mikey based on a photograph she'd sent me some months ago. The photo had moved me to tears (of joy). The image captured a fun, natural, loving moment between beauty and beast. It was Carrie happy and it was Mikey even happier.

That's all I needed.

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