Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss Bettie Page

Here's a painting called SEA SIREN a pin-up mermaid inspired by Bettie Page. She was exhibiting at the CAP Studio for a little while but the day she came home I walked in the door and heard the news that Miss Bettie Page had passed away. Here is what I wrote in my journal that day:

Saturday, December 13, 2008 ~ Goodbye, Miss Bettie Page
I'm sad. Bettie Page is gone.

I know many people didn't even know she was still alive but for those of us who knew of her life we mourn deeply and weep because even at 85 she was still too young to go.
I, for one, wish I had met her. A conversation about womanhood, life, sex, art, faith. At the very least I'd love to have shown her my artwork -- the paintings I've done of her, inspired by HER, along the years. Oh, if only.
Bettie embodied beauty, raw and flirtatious femininity, in all her kittenish, sexy ways she was a true warrior for the sexual revolution ~~~ she personified Girl Power!
Bettie was a women ahead of her time yet she was not only perfectly placed on the covers of magazines but in time. The fifties pin-up was Bettie Page just as Elvis was Rock & Roll. She was a natural. Bettie shall always be the Queen of Pin-Up. There will never be another.

In countless ways she is the Queen of my Glitter Girls collection ~ she along with Marilyn Monroe. These two original beauties ~ the dove and the raven ~ have always been at the forefront of inspiration for my pin-up art. They are true Glitter Girls ~ beautiful rebels of glamour and womanly sexiness.

Goodbye, Bettie Page... I know the heavens won't know what to do with you and Marilyn. In your leopard print, pink palaces on cloud 9 I hope you both rest in peace but stay wild and free as you've always been. Say hello to Jimmy, Elvis, Jim, John and Michael for me.
I love you.

The last painting I created in 2008 was inspired by Bettie... it's called "Sea Siren"... and it exhibited until yesterday when I brought her home and got the news that Miss Bettie had passed away. It's always about timing, isn't it.

Sofie Reed sings about my GLITTER GIRLS!

Beautiful songbird Sofie Reed sings about my "Glitter Girls" with a new original song. Please visit her site and show her love & support. She is a bright star who has a light that shines on for immeasurable miles. Her music will captivate you, her voice will mesmerize you. She personifies what it is to be a true GLITTER GIRL! I have also created a new series of GLITTER GIRLS to dance into the light with this fantastic new song... please stay tuned for the unveiling... soon, I promise! Check her out ... you will LOVE her!


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