Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For my lil Chicago Baby Cub.....

Anyone can say they're a friend but the true testament of friendship is when you're up against the wall with a sword at your throat -- who will be there to get you out of harms way? It takes courage to love and it takes even more courage to face the rough times without letting the bullshit, pains and frustations of life step in the way of the good. It's difficult to see through the rain storms at times but my friendship is like the eternal flame -- nothing, no season, no time, no weather pattern shall ever extinguish the bond that is and has always been there. Though miles divide us and we be made of a millions little pieces our bond forms ONE beautiful tapestry. We've had to deal with so much lately but even when we scream, cry and fight in the end LOVE is all that matters. In love there is respect and there are angels.

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